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Large Group Solutions

It’s a huge project… and we’re here to take it off your plate.

Beginning January, 2015, if you are a business with 100+ employees, you are considered to be in the “Large Group” category for purposes of obtaining health insurance.

Quote requests for Large Groups must be made directly with each of the various Insurance Carriers you may be interested in. Not only is this very time consuming but the amount of information you will receive back can be overwhelming.

This is where we jump in to make your life easier.

Our Large Group Benefit Specialists are here to make the entire process as pain free as possible for you. We’ll do all the leg work, weed through all the endless plan designs, benefits and rates, and simplify it down to something that makes clear sense for your unique situation.

Then, we’ll thoughtfully walk you through it. We’ll answer all of your questions and concerns, help you understand exactly what you are choosing, and make sure that you feel good about your decision.

Just give us a call at 714.947.1010 and we’ll do the rest.

And you can start working on something else…